Altus Introduces a New High-Resolution Quins Inspection Solution to Meet Growing Demands in the Electronics Industry

Altus Group, a leading supplier and service provider of capital equipment for the electronics industry, is pleased to introduce the innovative new Quins HR inspection solutions to its customers in the UK and Ireland. Developed by Quins with customer feedback in mind, these new high-resolution units are designed to effectively address the increasing challenges faced by manufacturers due to the shrinking size of components and the growing demands of inspection requirements.

With the widespread adoption of 01005 components, the need for the highest level of accuracy in inspection has become crucial to ensure fault detection and traceability for production support. The Quins LC20HR and LC20HR/UV units offer unparalleled image quality and resolution and is equipped with the LS30 Quins box boasting an impressive 4800 dpi capability. The system is accompanied by an upgraded SL300 computer, delivering enhanced data processing capabilities to handle the increased demands of modern inspection applications.

The enhanced resolution of the Quins LC20HR and LC20HR/UV units ensures that even the smallest components can be accurately inspected, meeting the stringent quality standards of the industry. The higher computing power also supports the enhanced processing required to maintain efficient production operations. Additionally, the modular software employed in all Quins variants makes inspection easy and stress-free for new product introduction (NPI) and small-scale production runs.

Anthony Oh, Operations Manager- Inspection Products at Altus Group, said: “We have had a great run since we partnered exclusively with Quins to support the UK and Irish market with their processes. Their products are really enjoyable to support, our customers find their products very interesting and valuable to use throughout the production process.

“What is ideal about Quins is that a single unit can be used for so many inspection processes to generate returns. This latest variant catering for 01005 components will only ensure that the offering of Quins remains complete and future proofed for many sites.”

“We are always listening to customers and trying to stay ahead of their needs,” said Quins CEO Klaus Kornhaas. “We are seeing more and more applications with 01005 components stretching inspection apparatus at production facilities.”

“With Altus, we have significantly grown our market presence over the last years due to their extensive network in the industry. This high-spec machine will certainly be needed and do well within the UK, which has such a large market of Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs) with brand new high-value electronics.”

The new Quins LC20HR and LC20HR/UV inspection solution offers a significant improvement in resolution compared to previous units, with a maximum of 4,800 dpi and 2,400 dpi for an image size of approximately A4. reaching 4,800 dpi for images of A5. The HR system’s computer features 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD drive, along with an external 2TB USB SSD backup drive.

The Quins LC20HR and LC20HR/UV units provide the same versatile functionality as the standard solutions but with optional double or even quadruple magnification capabilities to meet the demands of intricate inspections.

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