Altus Helps Customers to Save Energy with Kolb

Saving energy is a priority for electronics manufacturers as the challenge of reducing costs and moving towards sustainable practices becomes paramount and energy supply prices skyrocket. Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, together with their pre-eminent supplier Kolb Cleaning Technology, are providing companies with cleaning solutions that address these concerns.

Kolb already start on a strong footing, as their cleaning systems utilise aqueous technology which means that their chemistry already is designed to perform at lower temperatures saving energy required to heat their cleaning consumables, however, one of the biggest steps that Kolb has made to help customers to become more energy efficient is by introducing ENERSAVE technology. This intelligent energy management allows the cleaning systems to run with the lowest power consumption. There is no need to use high voltage installations or take extra security measures which saves on both energy and costs.

First introduced nearly ten years ago, the ENERSAVE package has been developed over the years to ensure those implementing it operate with a reduced energy usage, whilst delivering the same cleaning performance.

Tony Sweetman, Sales Manager, Altus said: “When we discuss cleaning technology with our customers, they are not only concerned about using products and equipment that will perform well, but they are also looking at the long-term cost and sustainability credentials. ENERSAVE from Kolb offers them this peace of mind and ensures that all cleaning process can take place in the most energy-efficient way.

“Additionally, Kolb also has WATERSAVE certified closed loop and cross loop technologies. This means that contaminated water and wasted rinse fluids used during cleaning are recycled multiple times with minimum losses. Kolb’s cross loop processing systems even help to increase this performance.

“We must all be mindful when it comes to energy saving. Rising costs means that we cannot waste this valuable commodity by using inefficient manufacturing practices. Any way in which energy use can be minimised is good not only for the environment, but also on the wallet. That is why it is so important to work with suppliers like Kolb who continually look for solutions to ensure their cleaning technology meets energy saving goals.”

To find out more about Kolb’s range of energy saving cleaning technology and innovative systems contact Altus Group