Altus Boost Their Laser-Based Solutions with the Introduction of LPKF Technology

Altus, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland has announced an exciting new partnership with technology and innovation leader, LPKF. The agreement involves the distribution of LPKF’s highly innovative laser-based solutions for the technology industry.

This new collaboration will further enhance Altus’ capital equipment portfolio with a range of highly-advanced laser systems that are vital in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, microchips, automotive parts, solar panels and many other components.

As components shrink in size, but quality and precision still paramount to reliability, LPKF’s cutting-edge laser-based depaneling technology is essential to successful production.

‘’Working with LPKF is a perfect match for us at Altus,” said Joe Booth, Altus Director – Business Development and Marketing.

“We are very excited about the laser routing/de-panelling process here in the UK and Ireland, as we see a large increases in flexi-rigid applications and a growing trend for PCBAs of this type moving forward.

“LPKF is the out and out leader in this field with a wealth of application knowledge and highly respected performance. The combination of this new partnership, together with our established customer pool and top quality support, we can only see that number of installations growing. This addition also sees Altus provide the market leading technology in both laser and milling depaneling processes allowing us to offer customers the very best solutions to meet their specific requirements.‘’

Laser depaneling is one of the most innovative processes to separate printed circuit boards from a panel. With traditional depaneling methods, assembled PCBs are cut out of the panel using a mechanical separation process. With laser depaneling, the depanelisation process is performed using a focused laser beam that ablates the material layer by layer. The laser process, especially in case of LPKF equipment, offers considerable advantages over conventional mechanical cutting processes.

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