Altus Announced as Distributor of Solderstar’s Thermal Profiling Systems in the UK & Ireland

Solderstar, a technology leader in the design and manufacture of thermal profiling systems, has expanded its current partnership with Altus Group to include distribution and sales support of the company’s innovative thermal profiling systems in the UK and Ireland.

The two companies already have a strong working relationship, collaborating successfully to deliver Solderstar’s equipment in Eastern Europe through Altus’ sister company, Danutek.

Joe Booth, Altus CEO, said: “It is clear that Solderstar is a top-quality provider of profiling systems, and after partnering successfully in Eastern Europe, we are pleased to be offered the opportunity to proactively support Solderstar in the UK and Ireland.

“We are a big believer in Solderstar’s equipment capabilities and have used their profilers for some time to support our routine servicing of reflow processes. We know that the products are the best in the business having already used their technology to ensure ovens operate at optimum levels for customer’s applications.

“I am eager to see how many of our UK-based installations adopt the Solderstar technology.  Every user of reflow should have external validation of their processes for auditing purposes, so the potential is huge. I look forward to building a successful future together.’’

Altus’ full spectrum range of reflow solutions is an ideal fit for Solderstar because of its large install base of existing prospects and users. The team looks forward to introducing Solderstar’s innovative technology, including the newest equipment release, the intelligent SLX zero set-up profiler, which quickly and easily gains accurate parameters to make insightful decisions.

Chris Williams, Solderstar Business Development Manager, said: ‘’As many will already see, Altus has been on an exciting and transformative journey over the last years. Their complete range of reflow processes makes them a good fit for our technology.

“Working with reliable partners is crucial for our business, and the trust built thus far in our collaborations with Danutek and Altus provides a foundation for further strengthening our outstanding network of distributors in the UK and Ireland.

“We are expecting a very bright future for us both and look forward to accelerating the knowledge of our leading profiling hardware and software across the region.’’

To learn more about Solderstar’s advanced SLX system or the company’s extensive portfolio of products, contact Altus