Alistair Little

Over the coming months, Electrolube’s Alistair Little will be shedding some light upon the most popular encapsulation resin/potting compound queries starting with a ‘back to basics’ piece that questions the core rationale for potting – why and how do we do it, what are we trying to achieve or protect? In future months, Alistair will be delving deeper into the subject, examining the resin chemistries in detail, their properties, applications and the processes you should follow in order to achieve a successful outcome. But first, a little more about Alistair…

Alistair Little joined Electrolube as Global Business Technical Director for the company’s Resins Division in January 2016. He currently heads up a team of chemists developing formulations that encompass epoxy, polyurethane and silicone resin systems for encapsulating or potting electrical devices or electronic components in order to protect them against a wide range of environments.

In his previous appointment at Gurit (UK) he held the position of Senior Product Development Chemist, responsible for the development of new epoxy, polyester-imide and vinyl ester resin systems for aerospace, automotive, engineering and marine composite systems. Prior to this, he worked for 2K Polymer Systems, where he developed civil engineering and automotive structural adhesives, and at SI Group, where he worked on UV curing and high temperature resistant resins. As a chemist for Schenectady-Beck, he was responsible for the development of primary and secondary electrical insulation resins.

Alistair completed his BSc. (Hons) in Chemistry, at the University of East Anglia in 1995. He then subsequently undertook an MSc. in Polymer Science and Engineering, at London Metropolitan University in 2003. His technical competences and academic achievements cover a broad range of related chemistries, including benzoxazine and phenolic resins for high-temperature applications; epoxy, epoxy meth/acrylate, urethane meth/acrylate, silane terminated polymer, polyurethane and unsaturated polyester systems. Alistair has wide experience of working within ISO 9000, 14001 and 18001 accredited systems, and is an expert in vinyl ester resin systems (for which he is in the process of completing a PhD in Polymer Chemistry at Loughborough University). He is an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of the Society of Adhesion and Adhesives.