Aegis’ Digital Manufacturing Engineering (DME) Promotion Helps UK Assembly Manufacturing 

AegisFor a limited time in the UK, Aegis is offering FactoryLogix DME as a replacement for any legacy tool for SMT data preparation, programming and digital work instruction authoring, starting at less that £2k per seat per month (based on a 3 year renewable contract). Additions to the package may be made at highly competitive rates, including support for multiple machine vendors, CAD importers and, paperless work instructions. To aid the transition, Aegis is additionally offering free training at their UK digital manufacturing training centre, near High Wycombe.

Whatever the opportunities and challenges to come in the UK, assembly factories need to be prepared to be nimble and flexible to meet changing customer demands. Severe limitations exist in the many unsupported data preparation and programming tools that are still in use today, being made obsolete, for example, as a result of industry mergers and acquisitions. Being stuck with tools that no longer support the latest machines, being forced to pay support for no gain, or upgrade fees onto a foreign platform, is not a great position to be in.

This promotion from Aegis Software, enables UK companies to quickly embrace the latest digital platform for data preparation, programming and paperless work-instructions, for a cost that is likely to be little more than the existing support cost of older tools. With the bundling free training, you can get up to speed quickly, learning how to convert your data over from legacy systems.

This offer is strictly limited, so act now by visiting now. Make the cost-effective, risk-free leap into the modern digital programming world, and be ready for anything!