Advantech focuses on AI for machine vision at VISION 2022

Advantech, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) intelligent systems and embedded platforms, will use VISION 2022 (October 4 – 6, 2022) to showcase its expertise in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in machine vision applications.

Visitors will see how Advantech, working with its technology partner NVIDIA, its independent software vendors and managed service provider, is delivering advanced solutions for IoT and Industrial IoT applications. This close collaboration between Advantech and NVIDIA is helping to drive the implementation of powerful and innovative AI systems in such sectors as manufacturing, transportation and smart cities.

For example, Advantech will showcase the latest NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform for robotics and Edge AI applications which provides server class performance for powering energy-efficient, autonomous systems. In particular, the platform makes it possible to deploy large and complex models for natural language understanding, 3D perception and multi-sensor fusion.

Advantech will also be displaying examples of its existing Jetson-based MIC-AI appliances, its x86-based MIC-770v3 compact fanless system with 12th generation Intel® core i CPU socket, and NVIDIA RTX technology for supporting Advantech’s industrial-grade MXM embedded GPU cards for image processing and edge AI acceleration. RTX technology is one of NVIDIA’s most important advances in computer graphics.

In addition, Advantech will launch its new ICAM-500 integrated industrial AI camera equipped with NVIDIA Jetson AI system-on-module. The ICAM-500 series simplifies installation and maintenance and incorporates programmable variable focus lenses, LED illumination, a SONY industrial grade image sensor and multiple core ARM processors.

At its booth, Advantech will work in collaboration with its ecosystem partners Robovision, Supplai and Scailable to perform three live demonstrations for VISION 2022 visitors.

Robovision is a central platform for managing vision intelligence (VI) inside smart machines and Advantech will demonstrate how it has been able to bring more VI into the production arena. When the platform is combined with Robovision Edge, AI applications can be deployed through edge devices in a matter of seconds, providing an end-to-end solution that powers real-time applications with human-level predictions. With Robovision systems, users can take advantage of a complete AI lifecycle loop to ensure continuous improvements in their AI performance.

Supplai uses smart AI algorithms to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of workflow and business processes and draw maximum productivity improvements out of big data. AI-based solutions support inventory management, warehouse management, gate entry, data entry, predictions, payroll, audits and banking. Through several case studies in the fields of infrastructure, mobility and manufacturing, Supplai’s live demonstration will show how versatile the company’s platforms are.

Providing customers with secure, modular, and private AI solutions, Scailable will be running the third live demonstration which will show how the company’s AI/ML deployment platform has been optimised for use with Advantech hardware, in particular the MIC series. Scailable’s AI manager enables users to run AI/ML models securely and efficiently on various edge devices within minutes and simplifies the process of monitoring and managing performance levels.

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