Advantech ADAM-6700 Intelligent IoT I/O Gateways Intelligent IoT I/O gateways with WISE-EdgeLink and Analog, digital or relay I/O connect edge to the AWS cloud, SCADA through MQTT, SNMP, RESTful, 4G.

Advantech, a global leader in Industrial IoT, announce the availability of its ADAM-6700 WISE-EdgeLink series. Adam-6700 is an IoT I/O gateway with comprehensive functions including on-board I/O support and RS-485/Ethernet interface. It is an all-in-one device that not only integrates OT and IT data, but also saves cost, space, and engineering effort with the help of WISE-EdgeLink gateway software.

The Adam-6700 is quick to setup and configure and includes:

  • Built-in IoT Gateway Software – WISE-EdgeLink.
  • No-code WISE-EdgeLink software.
  • Lightweight, cross-platform, edge-computing middleware.
  • Hub for connectivity, protocol conversion, data logger, alarms and open API.
  • Seamless integration to multiple cloud platforms and 3rd party systems.
  • Runs on common OS such as Linux and Windows.

Using an Advantech Adam-6700 features a Multiple On-board IoT I/O Gateway allowing users to collect Assets and OT Data with wired and wireless connectivity

 Compact Gateway for provides:

  • Connectivity to cloud / database.
  • Protocol conversion.
  • Data logger.
  • Alarming.
  • Open API for programming.

The On-board I/O may be used for: 

  • Analog inputs such as speed, humidity, temperature.
  • Digital input for limit switches, push buttons.
  • Digital output to provide light switches, alarms, buzzers.
  • SSR relay output.

And the Adam-6700 features 2 x RS-485 / Ethernet Interfaces for connecting:

  • ADAM I/O modules.
  • Power meters.
  • PLCs.

Customers can access the IoT Academy to discover the full potential of the Advantech ADAM-6700 Intelligent IoT I/O Gateways.

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