Adaptsys – Increase your production capacity at an affordable price – with the NanoPlex™ Series of ISP Programming Channel Multipliers


  • Very simple implementation of ISP programming to panels of PCBAs
  • Ability to multiply the number of ISP programmer channels for device programming
  • Provides galvanic isolation of ISP programmer to target boards
  • Ready-to-use relay multipliers save days/weeks of workmanship when creating custom systems
  • Designed to fit a wide range of applications – from 2x multiplexing up to 64x

General characteristics

  • Extremely compact size, only 51.0mm x 66.5mm
  • Designed for piggyback mounting, can be easily placed in text fixtures
  • Universal and compatible with all types of ISP programming tools
  • 24 hr replacement service

The NanoPlex Series of Universal ISP Relay Demultiplexer tools offers production a low-cost method of increasing manufacturing throughput. Developed by engineers working with ISP for over 30 years, the NanoPlex brings with it smart technology that can be simply integrated into your current ISP solution for the purpose of multiplying the number of ISP channels for multi-board applications.

Rigorously tested, the NanoPlex series of tools have been built to withstand the pressures of high-volume production, and with the competitive pricing structure, an ROI can be realised within a very short timeframe.