Accu-Assembly Inc. to Show Automatic Reel Storage and Retrieval & Barcode Decoding Systems during APEX 2021

Accu-Assembly Inc., a leading industrial automation company, has announced plans to exhibit during the 2021 IPC APEX Virtual EXPO, scheduled to take place March 9-11, 2021 online at The company will highlight the award-winning AccuStock™ fully automatic SMT reel component storage and AccuID SMT component reel barcode decoding system.

AccuStock™ is a fully automatic SMT reel component storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and the first TOTAL Automatic Storage and Retrieval System for different sizes of SMT component reels. Requiring minimal operator assistance, AccuStock accurately stores and retrieves up to 8,000 reels of different diameters and thicknesses, all in one machine.

 Unlike other storage systems requiring user to place reels a few at a time into the storage system, users can place up to 150 reels of components into the AccuStock™ input stacking loader and just walk away. The system offers high throughput and does not require any pallets. Additionally, it can integrate with X-ray part counters and provides flexible output sorting of reels. 

The new AccuID bench top system has been designed to easily produce a unique Reel ID barcode label for each SMT component reel rather than having an operator scan one label at a time using a hand scanner. The operator does not have to decide which barcode labels to scan resulting in fewer scan errors. The AccuID has a simple user interface: the operator places the reel in the system and the scan begins automatically.

Additionally, AccuID can be used for incoming inspection to verify the accuracy of the barcode labels on the reel. Applications include creating and printing a unique SMT component reel ID barcode label for: inventory systems, SMT placement equipment verification systems, and traceability.

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