Accu-Assembly Inc. Introduces the Future of SMD Reel Automatic Storage and Retrieval

electronics industry newsAccu-Assembly Inc., a leading industrial automation company, is pleased to introduce AccuStock™, a fully automatic electronic reel component storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and the first TOTAL Automatic Storage and Retrieval System for different sizes of SMT component reels. Requiring minimal operator assistance, AccuStock accurately stores and retrieves up to 8,000 reels of different diameters and thicknesses, all in one machine.

Michael Kou, Founder and Owner, Accu-Assembly, commented: “In designing the AccuStock system, our goals were to have a system with the largest storage capacity of SMT reels, highest throughput, and with the most flexible software available. We believe that the AccuStock has achieved these goals.”

Unlike other storage systems requiring user to place reels a few at a time into the storage system, users can place up to 150 reels of components into the AccuStock™ input area and just walk away. AccuStock will pick up reels from the stacks, scan the barcode on the reels and store the reels into the system. The system does not use pallets, eliminating the labor required to load and unload reel onto the pallet.

The Twin-Silo concept, precision motion system and shelving design allow AccuStock™ to provide the highest storage density and capacity within a foot print of 17.4 ft x 9.3ft (5.3 m x 2.8 m). Incorporating the unique feature of simultaneous reel input and output operations at separate locations on the AccuStock make for an efficient reel management operation.

AccuStock™ can handle reel diameter sizes from 7″ (180 mm) all the way up to 15″ (380 mm) and thickness from 4 mm to 44 mm. The system automatically checks the thickness of each reel while maintaining high throughput rates. The patent pending stacking unit allows the user to mix reels of different diameter and thickness. Sensors in the system sort the reels and place them in the correct shelf automatically.

AccuStock features a flexible software interface with user customization available for generating reports, notifications as well as communicating with SMD equipment and MES/ERP systems. Component reels can be sorted on output by job number, placement machine or SMT line. 

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