300W 3U DC Input CompactPCI Power Supply for Railway and Trackside applications from Gresham Power

109 - Gresham Power 300W 3U DC Input CompactPCI for Railways

Gresham Power Electronics, the Salisbury based Commercial and Defence

power conversion specialist, announces the availability of a 3u high, 300W,

DC Input, CompactPCI Power Supply suitable for Railway and Trackside


Designed to meet the requirements of EN50155 the CPCI-3U- DC-300W RL

requires a DC input in the range 66-160VDC and has four outputs; +5VDC at

30A, +3.3V at 40A, +12V at 5A and -12V at 0.5A. Maximum total output is

300W with forced air cooling and the power supply is fully protected against

output overload, short circuit and over temperature with automatic recovery on

removal of overload condition. The operating temperature range of the

Gresham Power railway cPCI power supply is -40 to +70°C at full load with

forced air.

For system integrators full monitoring command and control is available

including remote sense on the two main outputs with maximum voltage

compensation for cable losses 200mV. Remote inhibit and enable controls

and a power fail signal are fitted as standard. LED indicators show power

good and output failure. Current share is available on outputs 1 and 2 and the

power supply is designed for hot-swap operation and has an optional I2C


This CPCI-3U- DC-300W RL power supply is designed to meet EN50155, is

CE marked, meets UL 60950, EN 60950, EN 61000-4- 2, EN55022/CISPR22

Class B with an external TBD line filter and is fully compliant to PICMG 2.11

CompactPCI Specification. It has dimensions of 128.7mm x 40.6mm x

162.5mm (5.07”H X 1.60”W X 6.40”D) and weighs 8.50g.

Gresham Power offers a very successful range of CompactPCI power

supplies used by major OEMS for instrumentation and industrial systems

which can also be ruggedized and conformally coated for MIL applications.

Available in both 3U (100mm by 160 mm) and 6U (160mm by 233 mm)

versions are available with both AC and DC inputs. Output power is available

from 200W up to the market leading 6UAC input model which provides 650W

for the same cost as competitor’s 500W power supplies. 6U 24V and 48V

input models are also available.

Gresham Power is now supplying products from a number of major power

supply manufacturers including EOS Power, SL Power, Vox Power, Advice

Electronics and Digital Power. Gresham has also added a new range of

Defence power products for land based or vehicle applications to complement

its world leading naval power systems.

The full Gresham Power Electronics product range includes; OEM and

external power supplies for advanced multi-media applications, medical,

industrial, defence, communications and broadcast systems and LED lighting.

Hot-swap power shelves and products for telecoms as well as static

frequency converters, DC UPS, distributed power systems and DC:AC

inverters for Naval Defence markets. Full information on all of the new

products is available on the Gresham Power website at


With growing stock levels and local support Gresham is well placed to work

with customers requiring power solutions, both standard and modified in these

new market areas. Gresham has UK based design and manufacturing

capabilities and expects a very positive response to their extended product


For more information on the wide range of cPCI power supplies available from

Gresham Power call +44 (0)7711 227396, email sales@greshampower.com

or visit www.greshampower.com