Coda Systems Ltd Add New High Current Series to its popular Swift- Dock®



Coda Systems Ltd, has added a new high current series to its popular Swift- Dock® range of spring loaded connector arrays for handheld devices and docking stations. Swift-Dock- Power® has a new design of spring contact which can handle current loads of up to 10 amps. It compliments their existing Swift-Dock® and Swift-Dock- mini® series.



All three ranges are well suited for power and data transfer in devices such as

 Handheld computers

 Medical instruments

 Data-loggers

 Telecoms devices

 Retail lighting systems

Swift-Dock- Power opens up a new and enlarged range of new high power applications such as rapid battery charging.

Harvey Davis, Managing Director says ‘By integrating any of the three Swift- Dock series into your product at the design stage, the costly development of a bespoke interface can be avoided.

We displayed Swift-Dock on our stand at the Electronics Design Show in Coventry last month. We had a great deal of interest.

CAD files are available on our website to download which, I have been told by existing customers, is extremely useful!. Also, the entire range is available from stock so we can send free samples for customers to try in their prototypes.’